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Bit Academy - Coach

2 tot 40 uur, 14 euro per uur. Als coach help je de studenten om betere programmeurs te worden. Programmeren leer je door te doen, dus hier ligt bij ons de focus ook op: de student moet produceren, niet consumeren. Ons lesmateriaal is zo opgebouwd dat een student er zelfstandig doorheen kan bewegen. Zit een student vast of heeft hij/zij om een andere reden hulp nodig? Dan ben jij er als coach om de student weer op weg te helpen.

Appsemble - Fullstack ReactJS/NodeJS developer for an open source low code app development platform.

Flexible amount of hours, rate: competitive Appsemble is an open source platform where we allow users to build their own apps in low-code. In our low-code editor we offer building blocks to configure an app quickly, with ease. Optionally attach datasources to the apps and manage them in a public or private appstore. Your contributions deals with improving and extending the platform. To get an idea for the sort of work you can expect, take a look at our open issues and merge requests: The company Low-code is not going away, we're only seeing more of it and it's projected that in 10 years time 80% of the applications will be no-code or low-code apps. There are several competitors of ours but none of them is open source. We feel it's very important to be this open alternative. Appsemble has been developed with the following principles: - Open Source, no vendor lock-in. - Use of modern standards (PWA, React / Node.js, Docker, Kubernetes, Oauth2, JWT) - Pragmatic: rather minimal functionality today than a great app tomorrow. We iterate towards it every day. - An app is built by creating an app recipe in a human readable (YAML / JSON) format. Building blocks are chosen and configured here. - Apps should be easy to share, copy and customize. - Graphical choices are independent of the app and are defined at the organizational level. To get an idea on our company culture, here's our handbook: Mail: [email protected]

Fontys Drive MKB - Landingspagina ontwikkelen

Uren in overleg, studentassistentloon Een landingspagina ontwikkelen voor Fontys Drive MKB met de focus op kwaliteit, veiligheid en eventuele uitbreidingen. Een basis is reeds opgezet door media s2 met de focus op vormgeving. Neem voor meer informatie contact op met [email protected]

Prodrive Technologies – EV Charging Embedded Software Engineer

Flexibel aantal uren per week A common misconception is that an AC charger is nothing more than a socket outlet for vehicles. In contrast, in reality, it contains tons of software features (e.g. energy management, cloud connectivity, hosting a local website, and much more) that are required for the energy transition that we are all in. To contribute to the global trend of vehicle electrification, Prodrive is developing white-label AC chargers. One feature in specific is the support of bi-directional charging using the “ISO 15118 Plug & Charger” protocol. A standardized protocol that facilitates communication between charger and EV to negotiate a charging schedule or the maximum power the vehicle can provide to the grid. The hardware is already fully prepared for bi-directional charging. Mail: [email protected]

Prodrive Technologies – Kubernetes Software Engineer

Flexibel aantal uren per week Prodrive Technologies is currently in the process of transforming some of its business applications from a virtualized environment into a Kubernetes cluster. With the highly demanding applications that we run in-house ranging from AI-driven visual inspection to planning tools, reliability and availability is key. We wouldn’t be Prodrive Technologies if we would not go at least one step further. The Kubernetes cluster is not just any cluster. In fact, it is driven by Prodrive Kubernetes Services (PKS). An in-house developed distribution of Kubernetes that is optimized for air-gapped environments. Not just for our customers, but also for our own factory, how cool is that? PKS is a multi-disciplinary product that will give you the freedom to specialize within your field, whether this is working on the front-end, the higher level back-end functionality, the lower-level hardware integration, or a combination. You decide. Mail: [email protected]

Prodrive Technologies – IT Engineer

Flexibel aantal uren per week As an IT engineer, you are responsible for maintaining a varied, global IT landscape alongside a fast-growing and motivated team. You will also be able to think with the team about improvements to the various systems and processes that keep Prodrive Technologies running smoothly and working towards implementing those improvements. You will have the opportunity to initiate and drive projects to bring the IT landscape to a higher level by implementing new solutions and technologies. Examples: cloud/hybrid cloud migrations, infrastructural improvements, automation of (IT support) processes, and tool integrations. We especially value your input on what could be improved! Curious about what you can improve? Have a look at our website! Mail: [email protected]

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Prodrive Technologies - Embedded software engineer

Flexibel aantal uren per week Kickstart your career by taking responsibility for the entire design process of a single product. Discuss requirements with the customer, write specification documents, perform qualification tests, and finally release the software for production. At Prodrive Technologies, you can be working on fully integrated solutions for our customers, consisting of a broad range of low level and embedded software powering motion control, vision, robotics, computing and IoT. Mail: [email protected]

Prodrive Technologies - Application Software Engineer

Flexibel aantal uur per week At Prodrive Technologies, we develop web and mobile applications for internal processes (e.g. MES, CRM, SRM, HR applications) and applications for our external customers that revolutionize their way of working. You can choose whether you want to work on back-end or front-end development or both. You have the freedom to design with the programming language or technology you prefer, like C#, F#, Elm, Python, or Swift. Mail: [email protected]

StartPeople - Surveillant tentamens parttime

StartPeople - ICT ondersteuner tentamens parttime

[email protected]